Dr. Shivendra Shivani

Assistant Professor


Multimedia Processing and Security, Augmented And Virtual Reality, Game Design




Multimedia Processing and Security, Augmented And Virtual Reality, Game Design



Educational Qualification

 Post Doctoral Fellow (PDF) from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland in the Academic year

of 2017-18 in Gaming and Animation.

 Ph.D in Computer Science and Engineering, from MNNIT, Allahabad with 8.75 CPI in

course work of 16 credit.

 M.Tech. in Information Security, from MNNIT Allahabad, India, July 2011 with 8.5 CPI .

 B.E. (Computer Science and Engineering), from Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand

Technical University, July 2009 with 8.10 CPI.

 Senior Secondary School Examination, from DAV Inter College Gorakhpur, June 2005

with 76.7 % marks.

 Higher Secondary School Examination, from SSMSS Gorakhpur, June 2003 with 77.2

% marks.

International Journals

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National Conferences

  1. Shivendra Shivani, “Home Appliance Control Using Automatic Speech Recognition based on Adaptive Frequency Selection”, 4th CSI National Conference on Education & Research Organized by Computer Society of India held at SIET Allahabad.
  2. Priyanka Singh, Shivendra Shivani and Suneeta Agarwal “A Chaotic Map Based DCT-SVD Watermarking Scheme For Rightful Ownership Verification” Student Conference of Electrical Engineering (SCEE-2014), MNNIT 978-1-4799-4939-7/14, IEEE.
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