Ashish Aggarwal

Assistant Professor


Operating System, Software Engineering



Operating System, Software Engineering


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Course Board / University Year of Passing % age  /  CGPA Division
Ph.D(P) Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala - - -
M.Tech (Computer Sc.) Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani 2001( Dec 2001 ) 9.43 ( CGPA) ---
B.Tech (Computer Sc. & Engg.) Kurukshetra University 1999 76.8 % 1st(Hons.)
12th Haryana Board 1995 69.8 % 1st
10th ( Matric ) Haryana Board 1993 76.9 % 1st

Work Experience : (10+ years)

  1. Currently working as Assistant Professor in CSED Dept. of Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala from June 2009 onwards
  2. Worked as Sr. Lecturer in SPCET, Lalru from Jan 2009 to June 2009
  3. Worked as Sr. Lecturer in ACEAR, Ambala from July 2007 to Dec 2007
  4. Worked as Sr. Lecturer in JIIT, Noida from Jan 2006 to Dec 2007
  5. Worked as Manager-Operations in Raltronics India Pvt. Ltd., Noida from Jan 2005 to Dec 2006
  6. Worked as Software Engineer in Infosys, Bangalore from Oct. 2002 to Oct. 2004
  7. Worked as Software Engineer in Synergy Infotech, Bangalore from April 2002 to Sept. 2002
  8. Worked as Project Trainee in Cradle Technologies , Pune from June 2001 to Dec. 2001

Courses Taught :

  1. Database Administration with MySql
  2. System Analysis and Design
  3. Network Programming
  4. Computer Network
  5. Web Technologies
  6. C Programming
  7. Operating System
  8. Software Reuse
  9. Software Metrics

Major Courses Studied

  1. Advance Operating Systems
  2. Internetworking Technologies
  3. Advance Architecture & Performance Evaluation
  4. Software Architectutre
  5. Object Oriented Analysis & Design( Java , UML )
  6. Telecom Network Management
  7. Fault Tolerant Systems
  8. Professional Practice


  1. Undergone 6 weeks training in Hartron Chandigarh as part of academic curriculum of B.Tech (CS) during Jul – Aug 1997
  2. Undergone 8 weeks training in ATEC s/w Pvt. Ltd. , Chandigarh as part of academic of B.Tech (CS) during Aug – Sep 1997
  3. Undergoing 6 months project training in Cradle Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd., Pune as part of academic curriculum of ME(CS) from 4th July – 15th Dec 2001.


1) Worked on IPsec and IKE implementations on UMS for Cradle Technologies, Pune.


IPsec protocol provides network security at network layer by means of AH and ESP protocol. IKE is used for exchanging the keys over internet which are required for authentication and encryption. This work involves the study of both protocols and IPsec is implemented on a next generation Internet Processor known as UMS invented by Cradle Technologies, USA.

Team Size : 1(and support of third party) 
Duration : 5 and ½ months

2) Client Server Based Chatting Application in VC++5.0 Organization

ATEC S/w Pvt. Ltd. , Chandigarh.


This is a simple client – server based chatting application developed using VC++ 5.0 on Windows NT platform. In, it , a user can join a particular group like Financial or HR or Entertainment and can receive messages of all the members in the group. A user can also talks to another user only by selecting personal communication option.

Team Size : 3
Duration : 8 weeks

3) Simulation of Computer Lab 


This project is developed as part of academic requirement during my first degree in final semester. It is being developed in C on DOS. In it, we have simulated the computer lab. By simulating the computer lab, we can calculate the average waiting time for which students have to wait in queue to get a spare computer. This average waiting time is used to decide the number of computers in the computer lab.

Team Size : 
Duration : 6 months(Part time)

4) Remote File Operations Abstract

This project is a part of Internetworking Course. It is being developed in C on Unix platform. The client can request for the operations on the remote m/c and that remote m/c acting as server for that client performs those operations and passes the results to the client.

Team Size : 
Duration : 6 weeks


  1. Presented a seminar on Deadlock Detection in Distributed Systems as part of course Advance Operating Systems
  2. Presented a seminar on tcpdump as part of course Telecom N/w Management.

Technical Profile:-

  •  Operating Systems : UNIX, Windows 95,Windows NT, Solaris
  •   Languages : C, C++, Java, Shell Programming, SQL , PL/SQL
  •   Databases : Oracle
  •   GUI :           VC++5.0, VB5.0