Dr. Karun Verma

Assistant Professor


Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Human Computer Interfaces, Entrepreneurial Research




Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Human Computer Interfaces, Entrepreneurial Research



Contact no.: 0175-2393007


Karun Verma received Ph. D. degree for “Efficient Hidden Markov Models for Online Handwritten Gurmukhi Script Recognition” from Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology in 2017. He is Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science, Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala, India. He is currently pursuing research in the area of soft computing and Handwriting recognition and Natural Language Processing. He has more than fourteen years of teaching experience. He has already developed a complete working project handwritten recognition for Indian regional language (Punjabi). He had also contributed to development of prosodicallly guided phonetic engine for searching speech databases for Indian Languages. He has taught various core subjects at graduate and undergraduate levels and is guiding post graduate students. He provides consultancy in the area of software development and technical education. He has published various research papers in reputed national journals and conference proceedings. He has conducted various courses on Microsoft, Oracle, and Java technologies for students

Research Projects

“Prosodically Guided Phonetic Engine for Searching Speech Databases in Indian Languages” Duration of Project: DEC 2011 to 31 MAR 2015 - Status: Completed


  • Development of prosody knowledge from Punjabi language in 3 different contexts, namely, read speech, lecture mode and conversational speech.
  • Improve the performance of the Phonetic Engine (PE) using the knowledge at the signal, prosody and language levels. This involves development of signal processing methods to derive robust acoustic-phonetic features, analysis of large amount of data to derive prosody and language constraints, and incorporation for these constraints at various stages of implementation of the PE.

    Budget: Rs. 30.015 Lakhs Funding Agency: Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology

Membership of Professional Institutions, Associations, Societies

  1. Professional Member of Association of Computing Machinery, USA
  2. Vice President, Entrepreneurship Development Cell, Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala
  3. Coordinator, Contemprisation, Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala
  4. Manager, Design Lab at Venture Lab, Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala
  5. In-charge, Alumni Relations Computer Science and Engineering Department, Patiala

Publications and other Research Outputs


  • Verma, K. and Sharma, R. K. Comparison of HMM-and SVM-based stroke classifiers for Gurmukhi script. Neural Computing and Applications, pages 1-13, Springer, 2016, http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s00521-016-2309-5.
  • Verma, K. and Sharma, R. K. Recognition of online handwritten Gurmukhi characters based on zone and stroke identification. Sadhana: Academy Proceedings of Engineering Sciences, Springer.


Non-SCI (Selected)


  • Verma, Karun, Kumar, Harish and Singla, R. K. Performance Analysis of routing protocols of Wireless Ad-hoc Networks for a Combat area Environment PUNJAB SCIENCE JOURNAL Vol. 56, PP 199-205 2006
  • Kumar, Tarun, Verma, Karun Soft Computing Techniques: A comparison For Face Detection PRAGYAAN: Journal of Information Technology, Volume 8(3), Dec 2010, PP 20-25 2010 IMS Dehradun
  • Kumar, Tarun, Verma, Karun A Theory for Conversion RGB to Gray image International Journal of Computer Applications, Volume 7(2), Sep. 2010 2010 –
  • Gupta, Bharat, Garg, Deepak, Verma, Karun A Novel Approach to Mine Frequent Itemsets using Maximal Apriori and FP-Tree Method International Journal of Advance Computing, 3(2), pp. 76-81 2011 –
  • Gupta, Bharat, Garg, Deepak, Verma, Karun FP-Tree Based Algorithms Analysis: FP-Growth, COFI-Tree and CT-PRO International Journal of Res-Computeria, Scientia Publications, 2011
  • Sandal, Sushate, Verma, Karun Power management techniques in Wireless Sensor International Journal of Advances in Computing and Information Technology 2012

Awards and Honours

  1. Best teaching award (Performance Appraisal Scheme, Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology) thrice (2012, 2104, 2016)

 Description of Research Interests

His research area includes study of next generation human computer interaction for solving psychological issues, and human behaviour. He also intends to develop an interface for interaction between human and computer through Natural Language processing. He is involved in promotion of Entrepreneurial activities across UG and PG students of Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology.