Ms. Tanya Garg

Assistant Professor (Contractual)


Data Mining, Machine Learning



Data Mining, Machine Learning


Academic Qualification

  • M.Tech (Computer Science Technology) Central University of Punjab, Bathinda (2014) CGPA (5.05/6)
  • B.Tech(Computer Sci.&Engg.) S.L.I.E.T Longowal (2012), 81% scored CGPA (8.14/10)
  • Diploma Computer Sci.&Engg S.L.I.E.T Longowal (2009), 75% scored
  • 10+ 2 Non-Medical with 75% marks from P.S.E.B Mohali in year 2007
  • Matric P.S.E.B.Mohali (2005), 81% scored

Achievements & Extra Curricular Activities

  1. Got Best Teacher Award during Academic Session (2017-2019)
  2. Organized Workshop on Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security
  3. Organized Industrial Visits
  4. Organized Guest Lecture by Former Director AICTE on Swayam
  5. Coordinator of Industrial Interaction, Training & Placement Activities
  6. Organiser of Technomania (Projects Exhibition) for CSE 2016 at GGI.
  7. ERP incharge (TCS Software) of CSE Deptt at GGI.
  8. Got Certified Collaborative member by SKOPE India during Escape Velocity Workshop.
  9. Faculty advisor of Hospitality committee at GGI in Robomania 2016.
  10. Projects coordinator of CSE deptt at GGI.

Computer Proficiency

  • Operating Systems: Windows ,DOS,LINUX
  • Languages:C,C++,Java, VB.Net,
  • RDBMS:Oracle 11g,SQL Plus
  • Softwares: Adobe Photoshop, Visual Studio 2010

Research Papers Published

  1. A review paper on Data Mining Approach for Feature Selection for Network Intrusion Detection System (November 2013 issue in IJARCSSE)
  2. Comparison of Classification Techniques in WEKA (IEEE Xplore )
  3. Analysis of Various Feature Selection Techniques in WEKA (Published during IMTC 2014, International Conference held at CT Group of Institutions, Jalandhar).
  4. Combinational Feature Selection Approach for Network Intrusion Detection System ( IEEE Xplore )
  5. Evaluation of Various Classifiers for NSL-KDD Dataset using Machine Learning Approach. (Published in International Journal IJETIR During ICTSEM-19)
  6. A Model for Automatic Detection of Retina Diseases.( (Published in International Journal IJETIR During ICTSEM-19)


  • Web Browser
  • Smart Shopping
  • School Management
  • Banking management
  • Hotel Management System
  • College Website
  • Civil Registry
  • Employee Management

FDP’s/Workshops Attended/MOOC’s

  1. Attended one week TEQIP-III Sponsored FDP on “Emerging Trends in Computing & Networking” held at SLIET Longowal (17-22, Dec-2018)
  2. Workshop on “Intellectual Property Rights” held at GGI,Khanna
  3. India First Leadership Talk by Shri Anand Mahindra held at GGI, Khanna
  4. One week FDP On Cloud Computing (NPTEL Certification)
  5. One and a half week FDP on Computer Organization & Architecture ,A Pedagogical Aspect (NPTEL Certification)
  6. Two weeks Workshop on IoT held at GGI by NSIC

Conferences Attended

  1. 100th Indian Science Congress at Kolkata in December, 2013.
  2. ICRAIE-2014 at Poornima University, Jaipur. (Paper Presented)
  3. IMTC-2014 at CT Group of Institutions, Jalandhar (Paper Presented)
  4. PDGC-2014 at Jaypee university, Solan (Paper Presented)
  5. ICTSEM-2019 at Gulzar Group of Institutes, Khanna (Paper Presented)

Job Experience

  1. 4 Months exp. (September. 2014 to December.2014) as Assistant Professor (CT Group of Institutions, Jalandhar).
  2. 4 years & 2 Months exp.(May 2015 to August 1st 2019) as Assistant Professor (Gulzar Group of Institutions, Khanna)
  3. Total Teaching Experience:4 years 6 Months